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Monday 28 May 2012

Heraclea at Partizan

The boards and figures were loaded into the car and we made the trip down to Kelham Hall near Newark.

We'd met up with Keith and Adam from Aventine the previous evening for a couple of pre-game drinks and it was good to see them again on Sunday. Also taking part in the game were Simon Miller (AKA BigRedBat), his son Harry and James Symmons.

We used Hail Caesar, tweaked by Keith, for our refight. Keith was a real Saint over the course of the day; he was the only one of us with more than a passing familiarity with the rules and he was frequently called on to direct we no-knowledge Tyros!

Various people took pictures over the course of the day and I'm sure many of them will be better than mine! Unfortunately, the lighting can be quite strange in the building and some of the shots look to have been taken through the early morning mist! Quite atmospheric.. (no pun intended).

The quality of the pictures is a bit mixed, but hopefully will give you something of the flavour of the thing before far better photographers get to show off their snaps. Enjoy!

 Pyrrhic deployment, with pikes in the centre, flanked by Tarentine hoplites and cavalry and light infantry wings.
 Roman deployment, just after they've (mostly) crossed the river.
 Close up of the cavalry and light infantry on the Roman right during the initial stages of the river crossing.
 Roman left flank
 Pyrrhic right centre.
 Pyrrhic right wing cavalry
 Pyrrhic left centre
 Close up of left flank Tarentine unit
 Keith and Simon (L-R) get stuck in on the Roman left flank
Close up of the scene.

Overall, a great day in great company. Although we didn't quite play the game to a conclusion, we declared a Pyrrhic victory following some pretty freakish dice throwing over the course of the day...


  1. Impressive, to say the very least.


  2. Fantastic table and armies, a real credit to everyone involved!

  3. As I said over at Bigredbat's: Gorgeous game. The more photos I see the more I want to share the great experience the lucky gamers obviously had.