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Thursday 23 May 2013

More Raphia WIP

This is the last of the heavy cavalry for Raphia. They're about 80% done; mainly the flesh areas and some detailing to complete. Their horses have been sat around waiting for them for some time...

In case you're wondering, about two thirds of these have head swaps.

The Seleucid force for our Raphia game will comprise six units; two guard units and four line. That's fifty four total. Should look pretty good!

Still to do:

Persian archers x 12
Cretan archers x 8 (16 already done)
Agrianian javelinmen x 12
Shields for pikemen x 96 (been on order for 10 days - still not got - grrrrrr....)
Various lots of basing

Just 10 days to go...


  1. Golly! Lots to do. Can lend you javelinmen and Cretans if required.

    I'm just basing up my last pike block and cavalry, them it's mostly just the generals left to base amd tarting up the boards.

    Cheers, Simon

  2. This is all coming together very nicely. Fantastic progress so far, I keep watching quietly but nevertheless with great joy. :-)

    Cheers, SG


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