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Monday 27 May 2013

A Bit More Raphia WIP

Line cavalry virtually completed, just need to finish off the bases (there's another four bases to go with these, so four units of nine in total). All Aventine, with a high proportion of head swaps.

Last of the Arabs assembled and stuck on bases, just the ground work to do. They'll then be added to the other five bases to represent the 10,000 required. Perry Ansar figures, a couple of Victrix and Warlord heads, Aventine shields.

Finally for today, a unit of Asiatic archers, about 40% done. Crusader figures


  1. Terrific - re: the archers, are you using the army painter / dip approach?


  2. Hi FMB,

    No, not with these. They were primed with red oxide primer. The rest of the colours you see are base/shade colours that will be given a lighter, highlight colour. The red's already done.


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