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Wednesday 9 May 2012

Board progress 6

All six boards now at the same stage; roads and rivers completed.

As you can (hopefully!) see, the boards can go together in several different configurations and I'll leave it up to the day of Heraclea to decide what works best.

Next stage is to add some random flocking to some of the more open areas, around the roads, river, etc. I might even attempt some reeds in the water...


  1. Looks good like the colour of that river!

  2. Looking very good Craig, especially the river. Maybe some reed-banks?

    After the game, it might be worth you making abother 2 pieces of the non-river boards, as you'd then have a very versatile table you could use for other battles sans rivers... Looking forward to seeing them in the flesh.


  3. Hi Simon,

    Reeds are definitely on the agenda. Need to do a few experiments to see how best to achieve the desired result...

  4. Will there be any hills or trees? I can't recall mention of any. When we played the game in 15mm it was all very open.

  5. I think Keith is bringing some to dress the table. I've done some Google Earthing and if you look at the area today, apart from a bit of scrub there's not much going on. Not that that means anything of course!

    What we need is Pyrrhus's photo album...

  6. Very pretty. love the shade of the river, quite natural looking!