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Sunday 16 October 2011

Southern Italian Hoplites WIP2

Title says it all, really.

Finished the shields and attached them to the figures. Shield designs by LBMS, cut to fit and overpainted around the edge in an attempt to make them blend. As you can see in one or two cases this has been in vain and I need to go back and do some touching up. Seeing something in a photo about six times bigger than it really is can be sobering....

I temporarily attached the figures to bases with blutack to get an idea of how they'd rank up. Apologies if one or two look a bit wobbly. Worthwhile doing, as I quickly realised I need to have the spears angled slightly to ensure each rank will line up behind the other.

 As mentioned previously, I need to wait until all 48 are done before I can start basing for real - very frustrating for someone as impatient as me! Part of my painting psychology is to get some figures painted and based as early as possible as inspiration to get stuck into the rest.


  1. Great job - the shields with the LBMs look excellent.

  2. Looking great, Craig.

    I wonder whether the transfers sometimes shrink, slightly. I've experienced that in the past on a few shields, and curved shields are alwaysnthe hardest!

    I am currently painting a unit of 80, I share your pain. ;-)


  3. Good shading and color selections on the figures. The shield transfers are the cherry on the ice cream. Nice job. Can't wait to see them done.

  4. Simon, I suspect you're correct regarding the shrinkage. Might in future be worth leaving them a couple of days once applied before painting. May solve it; just hope it's not the paint or varnish causing the shrinkage!

    About a third of the way through the next batch - red tunics this time.

  5. They look just great! Those shields are really working for you!