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Sunday 9 October 2011

Tarentines Completed

Managed to finish these off in the week but had to wait until today to get enough natural light to photograph them. It's already past the time of year that it's too dull on a morning for photography before I leave for work and too dark by the time I get home, a fact that will become far more obvious as we descend into Winter.

I'm pleased with the shields. I used various LBMS hoplite variants for several different figure ranges; most didn't fit! The rimmed shields I decided to use for these figures have a relatively small central area, so I had a bit of careful choosing and trimming to do to make things work. I'm happy with the results.

I used a slightly different mix of tufts this time around and I quite like the effect. Haven't decided if I should add a couple of flowers or not.

As noted before, painting these has helped me formulate plan for the Southern Italian hoplites that are next on the agenda. I've decided to use four basic tunic colours, as here, with varying levels of trim. To achieve this, I've split the 48 figures into batches of 12 (didn't know I did maths, did you?). Body armour is mixed, with variations from none, plain T-Y, padded T-Y, reinforced T-Y and plate armour on some of the command figures, so lots of scope for mixtures of white, yellow, red, blue and anything else I can think of....


  1. Very nice indeed! They work well as closer order cavalry.


  2. Top notch unit - fantastic painting, nice mixture of poses and excellent basing!

  3. Fantastic panitin and a great job on the shields, thank god for LBMS. I wouldn't like to have to paint them shields.