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Tuesday 15 November 2011

More Southern Italian Hoplites

Not had chance to post these WIP figures as I've not had good enough light to photograph in.

These are basically the same as the previous batch, this time with red tunics. Next batch are grey tunics, which are almost finished, with a final batch of off-white to finish. Plus loads of shields to do of course. Oh, and not forgetting the basing......

On another note, I'm being sorely tempted by the thought of the new advancing pike from Aventine. Just waiting to see what the rest of the packs look like. Keith tells me that there's another pack of linothorax to come, plus some command figures. Already have a colour scheme in mind, based on the image below, another Macedonian tomb painting.

Probably go for a nice blue helmet to top them off, based on the Alexander Sarcophagus


  1. You are geting some Asculum minis painted; me, not so much. I'm still in the thrall of my EIRs...

    Very nice! Simon

  2. Starting to get somewhere with these; feels like they've taken forever! Will still only have 48 of them when they're finished. Hope Keith can pursuade Adam to do some Samnites and some Sccessor cavalry sooner rather than later. I know we Probably don't need any more pike, but I do feel the need....

  3. The figures look great, I've always liked the unusual looking helmets and the colours for this period, you've made a damn fine job with these!

  4. Another great batch of hoplites there.

  5. Looking great! I second the wish for Samnites I'd imagine Adam would do a damn fine job on them
    Cheers steve