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Sunday 2 June 2013

Raphia - the game

Just a few quick and dirty shots to give an idea of how the game looked.

The Seleucid line

The Ptolemaic line

Initial deployment.

Close up of the Seleucid right flank, where much of the early action took place.

The wings close.

Crunch time!

Oops! Two dead elephants - the Africans certainly can't stand up to the bigger, stronger Indians.

The last Nellie doesn't last too much longer (apologies for the dodgy lighting!)

Action on the Seleucid left

An over enthusiastic Seleucid elephant crashes into the Ptolemaic Agema...

But doesn't last long!

Action on the other wing, with similar results in the elephant on elephant combats.

The phalanxes close in the centre with an almighty crunch!

On the right, a unit of Seleucid Agema manoeuvre into position as combat erupts along the whole line...

From the other side of the lines, the Ptolemaic Agema take their tole on the Greek mercenary phalanx unit.

The Agema beat the Greeks and advance in pursuit, revealing the flank of the next unit in line, who are charged frontally by the Argyraspides and in the flank by the Seleucid guard cavalry accompanied by Antiochus, with predictable results... A couple of other units also go down, leading to the demoralisation of the whole Ptolemaic army and a history changing Seleucid victory.

All the above pictures were taken with a iPhone; lots of other pics were taken with much more professional kit, so I'm sure better pics will be forthcoming... 

Rules were Simon's "To The Strongest!", named after Alexander's supposed answer on his deathbed when asked who would inherit his throne. They're still in development, but gave a good account of themselves in what was a large, complex game.


  1. Just, wow....

    Can't say anything else.

  2. A simply great looking table full off minis!

    Very inspirational. Any chance of army lists for the two forces and what rules did you use?

  3. Quite simply outstanding! A gaming table worthy of all the effort put in.


  4. That is one amazing game. Wow!

    Best wishes


  5. Wow - beautiful and plentiful! Wish I could have seen it in the flesh.

  6. Looks fantastic Craig! Congratulations to you and Simon for such an outstanding game. Good to hear it was a Seleucid victory.

  7. I dream of such games... beautifully done.

  8. You did it !!!! hats off !!! dedication +++......this is quiet a spectacle you managed to pull off here a superb game.

  9. Hi Craig, some nice pictures, I will get the ones I took sent out later. I thoroughly enjoyed the game, thanks to you and Simon for the opportunity.
    I'm convinced our win was in no small part down to those Indian elephants which wiped the floor with the Africans!
    I'm off to plan and buy those Ceasarians.

  10. That pike clash has been completely worth the wait!


  11. fantastic! all those pike just look awesome, topped off by the elephants clashing what more could you want in a wargame?

  12. Hi Craig, a great looking game you have there!

    My UK colleague snapped some photos of this at the Partizan show, but unfortunately he's misplaced the piece of paper with the pertinent details of you and your gaming group on it.

    Could you get in touch with me at: tanithtaylor at gmail dot com

    We have an article about the Battle of Raphia and we'd like to use the photos of your battle and give the appropriate credit.

    Dave Taylor
    US Editor
    Wargames Illustrated

  13. Spectacular looking game with lots of lovely miniatures, shame Simon can't make decent looking terrain : )

  14. Great report! Keep posting.I will follow your projects now. :)

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