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Sunday 29 January 2012

Aventine Hellenistic Command Stand & How-to Basing Tutorial

I've just finished the command group below, using figures from Aventine. There's a couple of senior officer figures from different command packs, supported by their shield bearers, who are phalangites equiped with spears for "detached" duty.

I've tried to tell a bit of a story with this vignette. Each pair of figures represent the two pike units I've been working on for what seems like forever; the pink pike and the red boys. The idea is that the two commanders for each phalanx are having a conflab. They may just be talking about what they've had for lunch - who knows! Shield transfers from LBMS. My favourite is the phalangite with his shield slung across his back, lugging his officers shield around as well!

I also took some pictures as I based these for those interested in how I do it.

Figures stuck to base and railway ballast (from model railway accessories) stuck to base in random areas using PVA.

Rest of base covered in ready mixed filler.

All painted liberally with cheap craft paint (Burnt Umber).

Base heavily drybrushed with Vallejo Flat Earth and lightly drybrushed with Vallejo Yellow Ochre.

Various tufts added...

Followed by two lengths and colours of flock.


  1. Very nice painting. I need to improve my basing skills

  2. Lovely Craig! Bags of character.

    Cheers, Simon

  3. Fantastic work re all your figures. I've these figures as well at present and I'm struggling to complete them. Your blog is a great inspiration.
    I'm still in two minds re the coloured helmets though, they do look good.

  4. Great command base - they really look the business!

  5. Very nice! lots of character to this stand...



  6. Thanks for the comments guys.

    There's a fair bit of evidence for painted helmets. I'll have to do a post on it sometime!