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Saturday 7 January 2012

Advancing pike batch two complete

Batch two is now finished. As you can see, the basic colours are the same as batch one, but with the red areas on the cuirass changed to add variety. The next batch will add more variation, but I'm planning to do some thureophoroi before I start them to give me a change.

The reference for this unit is the tomb painting shown at the end of the post.

I also seem to have obliterated my earlier WIP post somewhere along the way - must be more careful in future!


  1. Wow. They're outstanding. The Banner is fantastic!

  2. Very nice work, Craig- Happy New Year!


  3. Love the blue helmets, they make them really stand out. Happy New Year!!!

  4. Excellent pike - the star standard is outstanding!

  5. Wow those are beautiful! I am hoping to start a Selucid army soon in 28mm. These again look awesome!



  6. PERFECT!!! just to let you know, I'm totaly stealing your color mix, those blue helments are just to cool to not paint my self, also loved the purple, I never get to paint enough purple so now my aventine pikes will be in purple with blue helments, you can try and sue me, but I would rather you just call my out to a duel.