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Monday 21 January 2013

Mercenary Phalanx & Asiatics Completed

Here's a couple more units finished for Raphia.

The Greek mercenary pike represent the 5,000 who fought for the Seleucids at Raphia, "armed in the Macedonian fashion".

Figures are by Foundry, originally painted about 18 months ago and parked. I've finished the basing and added some extra shields for the chaps that didn't get them first time around. Shields are from Crusader (I HATE Foundry bottle tops!), with home made transfers. The design is based on one of the frescos in the Aghios Athenasios tomb. I drew the image in MS Paint and used a sheet of transfer material bought from eBay.

Secondly, we have the second unit of Asiatic troops to add to err... the first. Basically the same paint job, with a different coloured hat (yes, I know it's called a tiara!). Sometimes a simple paint job works a treat.


  1. Great pike and shield design!

  2. I really like your shield design

  3. Fantastic work, I do like your phalanx, really impressive!

  4. Hi Craig, brilliant shields, and the painting is great, are the Asiatics imitation legionaires?

  5. Thanks for the comments, all!

    The Asiatics are more imitation thureophoroi. The Seleucids haven't really met the Romans yet; that's in the near future. My logic is that they are a levy and the generic shield in use at the time is the thureos, so that's what's in the local armouries when they get called up. Alternatively, the Greek mercenaries acting as a phalanx have handed them in and they've been reissued - no waste in this man's army! ;-)