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Saturday 22 December 2012

Seleucid Allies - first batch complete

Basing complete. Slightly more arid than my normal style, but I think it's appropriate for these guys. Still similar enough so they will mix with my slightly less arid standard.

I've gone for a double based look to these. It works particularly well for the Arabs; I don't think I'd have fit them on single bases!

32 more Asiatics to go and only 80 Arabs!

Some pike up next.


  1. Looking good. What are you using to highlight that red?

  2. Red is Burnt Cadmium highlighted with Vermillion - both Vallejo

  3. Very nice, colours are great, looking good.

  4. Nice! Did you have to file off the top of the Persian head-dresses (can't think of the proper name for those off the top of my head, no pun intended)? The plastics I've got all have that little Phrygian cap overhang.

    I'm using Perry's tribesmen too but I've filed off their necklace things and given them pelta shields from WF Amazons to make peltasts/skirmishers for earlier hellenic armies.

  5. Hi Piotr,

    The Persians are from Crusader Miniatures and are metal, so no filing required, thank goodness!

    I've had a quick look at your blog and your conversions look interesting - I'll have to keeps an eye on progress.