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Monday 2 April 2012

Board progress 3

Another update. Two of the boards are now covered with grass mat and I've begun excavation on the river. Banks need to be lowered a bit more and I'm really bored (no pun intended!) with digging. About a third to go on the other board.

Either side of the river will get "matted" as well, but I want to get the main construction done first.


  1. You are making excellent progress!

    Cheers, Simon

  2. Tell that to th knuckle with no skin on it :-(

  3. Did you mount it on wood, in the end? Looks tidy!

    I need to make some new boards to accommodate Hail Caesar and Black Powder. I have been putting it off; a tough job!


  4. Haven't gone for the wood option yet. I really want to get the tops done first and I'll decide later what to do with the board, probably post Partizan. Depending on progress and what they look like/time permiting, I might do two more plain boards to give us more depth for Heraclea...All really depends on how quickly Adam gets the cavalry done and how many I need to paint in how little time. Shades of Zama, anyone? :-)

  5. Some great progress, can't wait to see more