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Sunday 4 September 2011

More Pink Pike

Here's the rest of the Pink Pike.

Hopefully you can see the variations in armour. The first batch of 32 were all painted identically, with the exception of their tunics, but as mentioned in my last post, Adam's Blue Boys inspired me to add some variations within the theme of pink and white.

In case you thought I'm slightly mad in my colour choices, the pink armour was based on this Macedonian tomb painting:

And I took the tunic colours from the Agios Athanasios tomb painting below:

The other point to note from this painting is the colour of the cuirass. This shows that the whole cuirass can be one colour - purple in this case. Also note the painted helmets, one red and one purple. This image also clearly demonstrates that macedonian shields don't have rims.


  1. Formidable! Now that's a proper pike block.

  2. Fabuloso, Craig. I do like the wider phalanx. I remember when I used to play 5th edition, they were all 4x4s, 16 wide looks so much better.


  3. Blimey!!!! They look excellent!!!! Very impressive.

  4. This is great stuff. Very inspiring. I'm currently scheming my Aventine order. Did you manage to find any other uniform colours in your research?

  5. Thanks for your comments -they help inspire me!

    There's another Macedonian tomb painting that shows a red tunic, red trimmed white armour (similar pattern to the one above) and a yellow-brown cloak. There's also the tomb of Lyson & Kallikles, which shows a couple of painted helmets. Also, if you Google the Alexander Sarcophagos, you should find some colour reproductions based on some colour remnants that existed when it was dug up. The Osprey Armies of Alexander has colour plates based on these. That's pretty much it, but colours included in the above list are also confirmed by Thracian tombs that are near contemporary.

    Good luck with your project and let me know how you get on!