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Sunday 21 August 2011

Roman Army

Thought I'd try and get some shots of my full Roman Army from Aventine, so set it up on the table on an old piece of grass matting I dug out of the garage.

I took the shot in the early evening, so it wasn't so bright to wash out the colours, but some of the reds still look a bit intense.

The army is made up of two Roman legions and two Allied legions. Each legion has two units each of Hastati and Princpes (16 figures in each), one unit of Triarii (8 figures) and four units of Velites (8 figures). Only half of the Velites are shown here. At the moment, I've done one unit of 12 Roman cavalry and one unit of 9 Allied cavalry. I've just bought another unit 12 Italian/Tarntine cavalry that will work to flesh out the army.

An eye level shot across the front of the army

A slightly higher view point

The left wing

A shot across the front from the right flank

A shot of the right

Across the front.  All pictures are clickable

I would have liked to have shown them in the classic quincunx formation, but the table wasn't big enough!


  1. Absolutely lovely, Craig. We'll have them in quincunx in the Spring! I was thinking about unit sizes under Hail Caesar, and I think 16s will work nicely (with the pikes in 32s, or perhaps even 64s).

  2. Looks nasty, mean and efficient (as well as lovely). That's probably what Pyrrhus thought when he saw them too!

  3. Great photos of great looking figures!!

  4. That's an absolutely fantastic looking army!


  5. Lovely looking army, well done.

  6. Thanks for the comments guys. Simon, when are you going to frighten us to death with the OOB fir Asculum?

  7. I started looking at it today, Craig, will have something in a few days.

  8. Beyond Impressive!

    The army looks fantastic and I cannot believe that they are all painted so well!

    Thank for taking the time to share :)

    Happy Gaming,