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Monday 18 March 2013

Playing with Plastic part 2 - more Arabs

Just finished these off. Still need shields and basing. I'm doing another batch next, which I'll mix together with these to add a bit more variety of colour and pose (I've got some Copplestone Somali archers to mix in as well for a really wild look!)

Helmets are cannibalised from Victrix hoplites and an odd Warlord Games Macedonian pikemen.


  1. Absolutely love the helmets!

  2. They'd work for pre-Islamic Nabataeans, so you could use them as auxiliaries for a whole load of armies. They look great - definitely on the wild side!

  3. Nice, that makes now three guys that are playing around with Perry's tribesmen like that(that I've seen). I am just curious since I see Victrix helmets on those do you have spare heads (since there are no spare heads normally on those sprues)?