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Tuesday 5 February 2013

A Horse! A Horse! - more Raphia WIP

Sorry, couldn't resist it! Somehow seems appropriate given the recent news regarding the finding of one of Yorkshire's Own ;-) There are thirty horses, to be precise.

Basic paint job finished on the horse flesh, still need to finish saddle blankets and tack. As you can see, I paint a number of different base colours and vary manes/tails, socks and blazes. The observant amongst you may have also spotted that I used three different primer colours to help build up the shading

I don't normally paint cavalry in this manner, as I generally attach riders to mounts prior to painting, but given my requirements for a total of six units of nine for the scenario, I decided to go a bit more "assembly line" in order to speed up the process.

I already have two units of twelve (one each of guard and line) and these will be adapted and reinforced so that I have two units of Agema and four units of line.


  1. That is a lot of beautiful horses! Well done.

  2. I think painting this way saves a lot of time, the only trouble is then is how to paint the rider. I usually stick them on pegs or old brushes.

  3. Great stuff. Is that a lion skin on a couple horses?

  4. Thanks all.

    Cavalrymen will have holes drilled under their seat, be stuck on nails hammered into a strip of wood with their heads removed (from the nails!)

    A couple of the horses do have animal skins; I've not decided yet if they'll be lions or leopards.

  5. Wow, painting thirty horses in one go. I've never done more then twelve!
    Are they Aventine horses?

  6. Yes, all Aventine. Definitely my favourite manufacturer!