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Monday 25 July 2011

Late Romans!

This unit was originally destined to take part in the SOA Games Day Zama and subsequent Salute demo game in April 2010 and was started before then. It was finally finished in May this year - hence the title.

Figures are from the ever incredible Aventine range.

As a result of their protracted arrival time, I decided they had done long service and their look hopefully reflects this. I've tried to make the shields look bruised and battered; so much so that they've lost some of their leather coverings so you can see the plywood core. I theorised that such loose bits would get hacked off so they don't give the enemy anything to get hold of.

Shields are also pretty grubby at the base, as their shape and character lends them to be resting on the ground for good periods of time. When carried on the march, they would also be very susceptible to picking up mud and dust generated by marching feet.

Next up is a unit of 12 Roman cavalry to add to the 224 infantry so far painted for this army


  1. Brilliant as ever and a new blog excellent. Even more eye candy for me to look at!

  2. Excellent job and those shields are just great!


  3. Very good job. A new blog to follow, and great eye candy.

  4. Great job on the painting, love the shields, with the battle damage and mud, well done!

  5. Good stuff; hope you don't mind acquiring another follower.


  6. Lovely stuff Craig! I especially like the battle damage on the sheilds.


  7. I love the weathering and shield damage - very nice, field worn look!

    Also Following - cant wait to see more