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Monday, 30 April 2012

Leves for Heraclea

Between doing the boards I've also managed to paint a couple of units of Roman leves for the Heraclea demo game.

I've done one unit each of red (for the Romans) and white (for the Allies). Not entirely happy with the white tunics; I think I tried to be too clever with my technique and got it a bit wrong. Sigh, you live and learn. I'm always looking for ways to improve my painting process; sometimes you have to make the gaffs to learn what DOESN'T work.

I received some of the new horses from Aventine on Saturday to go with the Successor cavalry - very nice! Keith rang me this morning and it looks like the riders should be available later this week...

Anyway, back to the leves.


  1. Looking good, I can't see any problem with the white tunics??

  2. Nice looking figures, very characterful.

    Nothing wrong with the tunics as far as I can see. They'll look fine on the table.

  3. Both units look really good. What game are you using for the demo?


  4. Thanks for the comments. I'm not happy with the white mainly because it went wrong when I was doing it. I did my best to recover it; looks like I succeeded, at least to some degree!

    We're planning to use Hail Caesar, which I know next to nothing about! I'm going to try to at least see a game before Partizan so I don't come across as a complete Muppet (half a muppet being my normal state of existence...)