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Friday, 30 December 2011

Roman/Hellenistic General

Whilst painting pike, I've also spent a bit of time indulging myself painting up this mounted general figure. It's not often I take time out to paint an individual figure, and I'm pleased with the results. You may notice he's snuck in as my new avatar...

Armour "fashion" from the latter fourth century BCE to probably the second or even third century CE was much of a muchness across the Greco-Roman world, so he could equally be leading Romans, Greeks, Macedonian or even Pontic troops.


  1. Wow! Excellent detail all around but the face is like WOW!

  2. Very, Very nice, love the detail on the face!

  3. Great looking general - I hope he brings you luck in your games!

  4. Thanks for the comments. I've had him on the edge of my painting table for about six weeks. The horse has been at least three different colours! Kept picking him up and putting him down, adding the odd colour until I decided it was about time to finish him off. I still sometimes find it surprising that you can get really decent results without a huge amount of effort, just time, which is of course the hardest bit of the equation to square...